SALE | Cyber Monday

Some Mondays are more manic than others. If you're into Cyber Monday: The Reed's first-ever sale is...ON.

Regular programming back soon.

And thank you all for coming by to the pop-up on Sunday. My Thanksgiving included a really bad flu shared between me and my husband and an unexpected surgery for my dog, so meeting everyone and seeing people come by from far away truly made my week end on a very high note. Thank you.

SCENE | Thanksgiving Links and Thinks

Photo of a girl and a turkey in 1950 via Popperfoto.

Happy Thanksgiving, you guys! Here are a few links for the rest of the week... 

Need help dealing with family dinner angst? Adele to the rescue!

Thanksgiving's origins are in New England, so we've been listening to this song while cooking.

REI's #OptOutside campaign is so rad. They are closing all of their stores on Black Friday and paying to let their employees enjoy the outdoors.

My favorite cornbread and wild rice stuffing (via the 1990 book New Game Cuisine via The Foodinista).

Speaking of the big meal, the best Thanksgiving tip I've ever gotten was to make (or buy) your gravy early and keep it warm in a thermos so you don't have to worry about re-heating it last minute. And speaking of thermoses...

And if you're in L.A. on Sunday please stop by the first-ever Reed pop-up. There will be terrific wine on offer for tasting and buying, and we'll be setting up a pop-up so you can check out and paw our goods in person. Info below, hope to see you there!

UNIFORM | Swords and Thorns by MarLa Studio

When it comes to jewelry I've tried to only invest in pieces that can transition from day to night, from a t-shirt and 501s to cocktail hour. On top of that, I love when a necklace can make a statement without being costume jewelry, and that's exactly what MarLa Studio produces—pieces that are simple yet edgy, minimal, but not boring. Check out the studio's collection of necklaces new to The Reed right here, we have three styles of bronze pendants on darkened sterling silver chains, prices range from $48-$88.

GEAR | Joshu+Vela

The San Franscico-based bag company Joshu+Vela is no stranger to this blog. And I will say it again, when it comes to American-made bags on the market, no one compares. Bold words, I know. But the durability, attention to detail, and quality of materials sets J+V apart. We have a pretty great selection of J+V goods on The Reed, but we just got in some new items that I'm really excited about. First, the zip utility tote in safari tan wax ($190)—it's the carry-on bag I think I've always dreamed of. Made of cotton canvas and thick bridle leather straps, there are six exterior pockets and a laptop pocket inside. But the simple zipper clinched the deal for me, I can't travel with open totes. Handsome, isn't it? And then there's this beauty, the canvas carry tote in over-dyed navy ($120). It's over-dyed in vats and tumbles to pick up a worn-in look with highlights and lowlights in a deep blue color. There's two interior pockets and those brown leather cover straps...mmmm. New colors have been added to the mix, and we've restocked our favorite J+V items that sold out early this season—like the especially popular Japanese Brass Key Hooks ($35).

UNIFORM | Daniela Barone Jewelry

I purposely filed this post under UNIFORM and not something else because I really love jewelry that is truly part of the everyday—simple pieces that build on an outfit, not distract from it. Daniela Barone, a new jeweler out of Los Angeles, makes exactly my speed of bracelet. Simple cuffs made from brass and copper as well as more design-y bangles like her criss-cross cuff ($50) and her wide brass cuff ($70). These are timeless pieces at really great price points that will never ever go out of style or fall into a pile of "costume" jewelry. One quick hot tip: the criss-cross cuffs sold out pretty quickly when they were first added to The Reed a few weeks ago. We just restocked them today, so if you're interested in grabbing one for the holidays, now is the time. Personally though, Barone's copper cuff ($50) is on my list—I just think it's such a great pop of color with black or denim.

SCENE | Clover

It's so heartening to hear about and connect with retailers that are really putting a mission above other aspects of business. This week I spoke with Sam Petrie, the founder of the new venture Clover Artisans which launched in September. The idea started as Petrie, a life-long traveler and daughter of parents who both worked for PanAm, was traveling through Morocco. She wanted to start a company that sells goods that tells a story about a culture, person, or place and truly gives a window into another world. She's partnered with several artisans all over the world, from here in the U.S., to Uzbekistan. Great idea, great items, and very well executed. Please check out Clover and all the beautiful goods that help support economic empowerment across the globe.

GIVEAWAY | Pre-Holiday Bonanza

Hello party people! Here's a giveaway for the books:

A Woolrich x Westerlind Poncho ($225)
A Tender Brass Whistle ($84)
A Signed Tomboy Style Book ($32.50)
A Joshu+Vela Key Fob ($35)
A GREI. Canvas Tote ($145)
A Kletterwerks Tote Pack ($89)
A Pair of Vuarnet 002 Sunglasses ($205)
I'm not great at arithmetic, but I think that's enough stuff for me to feel like a craaaaaazy appliance salesman on a TV commercial.

To enter the giveaway: show our Instagrams some love at @lgmettler and @the_reed_shop, leave a comment below and, hey, do a nice thing for someone today.

Winner will be picked Wednesday evening 11/11 and announced right here. Good luck!

***Winner is @ampixley! Congratulations! Email me: lizziegarrett(at) and we'll get your loot out to you! Thanks for entering everyone!***

SCENE | Madewell's Denim Recycling Program

When it comes to the global fashion industry, there are some grim realities—human rights issues and pollution to name the two biggest. And while we have a long long way to go, I think we can all agree that doing something is better than nothing. Madewell is doing a whole lot more than nothing as they've been collecting over 1,000 pairs of used jeans per month and turning them into housing insulation for Habitat for Humanity. Insulation is one of the biggest costs of building a home in a green, environmentally friendly way, and because denim is a natural fiber, it keeps homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It's an ideal insulator that's chemical and formaldehyde free. Madewell is collecting denim in their stores, but they're also taking a pretty cool truck around the country and grabbing old jeans in locations around town to raise awareness. This week and weekend they're in the L.A. with the goal of collecting 40,000 pairs of jeans (they can be printed, bleached, patched, dyed). If you're in L.A. check out some of the below locations to give back by getting rid of an old pair of jeans. To sweeten the deal Madewell will take your old pair of jeans and give you a $20 gift card. L.A. dates and locations below and more info here. Thursday, November 5, 2015 
Pop-Up Truck @ USC: 2-6pm

Saturday, November 7, 2015 
Pop-Up Truck @ Abbot Kinney: 9am-5pm 

Sunday, November 8, 2015
Pop-Up Truck @ The Grove: 10am-6pm

UNIFORM | lisa b. socks

As we enter hermit season with day light waning, I thought it was a great time to talk about socks. My current favorites are a wool-cashmere blend by lisa b. They're produced in a factory in rural Pennsylvania that's been in tact for three generations and the quality is unmatched. From the Fair Isle snowflake pattern (my personal favorite) to rugby stripes to knee highs, these socks make just want to get a few months of provisions, books, some firewood, and emerge some time during spring thaw. We're proud to carry now carry lisa b. socks at The Reed in many colors and patterns. Prices range between $24 and $34 per pair. Check them all out right here.

SCENE | Philadelphia by Bike

Some of my most potent travel memories are linked to a bicycle. In my opinion, bikes are one of the best ways to really get to know a city. When you're enclosed in a car or bus there's so much you're missing—the smells, the way a city naturally flows, and a closer, more intimate look at what makes a place tick. Fireside Camp Supply owner Christina Saboe wholly agrees and created the latest travel guide for The Reed, a Tour de Philadelphia. It's a guide that really leaves no stone unturned, from from old penitentiaries to donuts and fried chicken. check it out!

GEAR | Woolrich x Westerlind Capsule

The Woolrich x Westerlind capsule collection is definitely one for the books. It's a collaboration between Woolrich—one of the country's original outdoor brands, and our friends Westerlind Outdoor, a contemporary retailer known for marrying a modern aesthetic to classic outdoor style. The pieces are inspired by today's modern outdoors woman, which simply put, is a women who is seeking new, clean designs with classic, high quality materials. This is the first (and small) capsule of a partnership that looks like it has an extremely bright future. Based on the belief that it shouldn't be hard to find apparel and accessories that are cleanly designed, functionally engineered, and made specifically for women—Westerlind and Woolrich created a poncho and tote made 100% from wool in Woolrich's historic Pennsylvania mill—products that are useful, durable, stylish—and without a hint of pink or a flower embroidery anywhere in sight. This collection embodies the spirit of the woman who loves the outdoors and has discerning taste—how's that for a concept line? Check out the limited-edition pieces at The Reed as well as at Westerlind and Woolrich.

P.S. Yes, I'm in some of these photos with Andrea Westerlind, the founder of Westerlind and Jeanine Pesce, the founder of Range. We shot the look book last May in the Salt Flats of Utah and we all fell in love with the pieces despite the extreme heat. I'm so looking forward to wearing the poncho all winter long.

SCENE | Jai-Alai in the 1950s

Photos by Loomis Dean for LIFE, 1950.

Jai-Alai (pronounced Hai-Li) often lays claim to being the world's fastest sport. The handball-ish game originated in the Basque Country of Northern Spain centuries and centuries ago, but for a brief moment in the 50s and 60s caught fire in the U.S. as a faddy hobby and a spectator sport for gamblers. By the late 1980s the sport had washed up here—and I'm not sure why, because these photos of high school students taking up the sport in 1950 make it look amazing. Recently I came across an old Jai-Alai Cesta (the wicker mitt) and have included it as part of the Vintage Collection at The Reed. They have such an interesting and sculptural shape, it'd be a cool object to hang on a wall or repurpose—or you know, if you find yourself in a Jai-Alai Fonton anytime soon, you'll be prepared.

UNIFORM | Canvas by Giraffe

I love a super specific concept line and this new Los Angeles-based collection, Canvas by Giraffe is no exception. The line was created by the designers' desire for a smart and durable art studio clothing. With inspiration drawn from how great Picasso looked while sketching, or Pollack as he dripped paint below. The aim of Canvas is to reimagine traditional smock and art-wear into clothing that can be worn both in the art studio and out in the real world. The premier collection is handmade in tiny editions of 30 pieces and each sale is paired with a c-print taken from artist Heidi G. who took up residence at Giraffe Studios to test drive the clothing as she worked. I love how specific this concept is and really really love those Pollak pants below. Check out the entire line here.

UNIFORM | Astorflex Desert Boots

When I first learned about Astorflex desert boots, I thought they had to be too good to be true. First I was amazed they carried women's sizes. Outside of Clark's I haven't had good luck finding a classic well-made desert boot for women. Astorflex is an Italian heritage brand that dates back to the 1800s. In fact, the shoes are entirely Italian-made—and really thoughtfully too—the leathers are vegetable tanned, the dyes are water-based, the glues non-solvent, and the rubber soles are 100% ecological. Now for the kicker: the price, about $145 for the Greenflex style shown here. For a hand-made pair of sustainable Italian leather boots I feel like that's more than fair. You can find them online in black and dark brown right here, but the style comes in five great colorways. I test drove this pair last week and I will be wearing them for years and years.